Serving The New York State Assembly

Committed to social development, school education, and humanitarian support

New York Needs Us

Hello! I am Jaime R. William, a member of the New State Assembly and a political member. I belong to the Democratic Party of the USA.

I have been a member of the Assembly since 2016, actively working for the good of fellow New Yorkers and Americans, at large.

Jaime R. Williams

Together For Everyone

I am privileged to be representing the people of the 59th district. I have been working with the people from all walks of life of the New York Assembly that is cosmopolitan indeed!


  • Canarsie
  • Georgetown
  • Mill Basin
  • Marine Park
  • Bergen Beach
  • Gerritsen Beach

Better Community

Through the last five years of my office, I have relentlessly worked for the betterment of the community. Some of my major areas of focus include our public-school system, our children, our environment, quality of life issues and urban gardening initiatives.

Let’s Get Stronger

Recently through The Vital Brooklyn Initiative, the Governor's Office, myself and Senator Persaud participated in the replanting of the Oysters in The Paredegat Basin. 

Transforming our waterways and protecting our aquatic life in the Jamaica Bay Waters. 

Jaime R. Williams